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Today’s Musings: Entertainment Value Considered

October 7, 2009

Last night, KISS performed on Letterman.  I was watching it, thoroughly entertained, and then I stopped to ask myself why that was.  Was it because Gene Simmons obsessively waggles his tongue?  Maybe it was because one of them had a guitar shaped like an axe.  Surely the guy with the cat makeup is part of the appeal!  It occured to me that KISS is an absolutely brilliant concept for a band because it doesn’t even matter if Gene or Paul Stanley is there, as long as the members are rockin’ those crazy outfits, someone is bare-chested, and there are fireworks.  It’s all about entertainment value, and KISS delivers that every time, making the crowd go nuts.

And then, as if to punctuate my thought, this is the very next thing I see:

Puppets, wigs, puppets in wigs, the S&M intern, and Hanson?  I’d say all they’re missing is the fireworks.

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