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There are a great many ways to contact

Austin Girl Music Guide.  Here are some of them.

Email me at [@] gmail [.] com for most anything to do with music!  Want your band to be featured on AGMG?  Here’s how you can make it happen:

Contacting me for Austin Events: If you would like your band’s show included in my weekly Austin Events posts, email me your details by the Monday of the week you will be playing.  If possible, please include the date, time, venue, type of music you play, cost, and your band’s website in your message.

Contacting me for Album Reviews: If you would like me to review your music, please include downloadable links to MP3s in your emails.  Note: while I usually listen to music right away, there is a 6-8 month backlog for album reviews.  Don’t let that stop you from sending your music because if I dig your band, I can promote you in Austin Events or on Twitter!

Contacting me for Concert/Show Reviews: If you would like me to attend your show so I can review it, please send me the details at least one week prior to your event.  Reviews, photos, and/or videos are usually posted 2-4 days after the show.

Contacting me for Promotions (event previews): I’m happy to promote most music-related events taking place in Austin or surrounding areas.  Please send me the poster or flyer, website, and details for your event at least one week prior to the date.

Send me mail or albums the old-fashioned way at:

Austin Girl Music Guide

PO Box 170358

Austin, TX 78717

Follow AGMG on Twitter and keep up with mini-updates, links, and recommendations as soon as I post them.  Check out my Twitter feed on the sidebar to see what I’ve heard about or seen recently!

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  1. January 11, 2010 5:23 pm

    hi. thanks for mentioning our show, but we don’t actually start until 9:30. the early show is 6-8pm.

    • January 11, 2010 5:34 pm

      Thanks for letting us know when you’ll be playing. I mentioned that the doors open at 6 so if anyone wants to get there early to get their drink on, they can. 🙂

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