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The Rumble Austin at Beerland Preview

July 14, 2010

Tonight at Beerland, Future Sounds brings you The Rumble Austin, a FREE event featuring three up-and-coming Austin bands that are quickly becoming must-sees in the local music scene.  International Waters, led by Mitch Calvert of the recently disbanded Voxtrot, are headlining.  International Waters have been heavily influenced by the indie-pop genre, and offer a fun mix of ringing, shimmery pop-rock tunes.

The Frontier Brothers, a space-rock glam outfit, recently released a new 5-song EP, and ever since have had a huge presence in  Austin.  Their on-stage performances are highly entertaining and energetic.

The newest group of The Rumble bunch is Candi and the Strangers, an indie-electro band that has continuously gained buzz since their formation in early 2009.  Think the dark, airy sexiness of Blonde Redhead, but with wiggy stage visualizations and more electronic psychedelia.

Since The Rumble Austin is FREE, there’s really no excuse to miss these bands.  Local shows with this solid of a line-up are rarely free, so make your way out to Beerland and check it out.  The doors open at 10 pm.

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