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AGMG Weekend Reminders

March 6, 2010

Hi everyone!  Here are a couple of AGMG reminders to get you to Monday!

1 – SXSW

I’ve taken the liberty of sorting out the crazy SXSW official music showcases for you. No, no need to thank me.  You can just read my picks for Wednesday and Thursday’s schedules here, and Friday and Saturday’s schedules here.  Tell me what you really think in the comments!

2 -Docubloggers/AGMG/ME-TV Special

The AGMG/Docubloggers SXSW special for ME is really taking off!  We’ve completely booked about half the days we’ll be documenting the festival with interviews, events, and red carpets.  If you are a musician, actor, or interactive specialist, contact us immediately if you want to be a part of the show!

3 – NX35 Giveaway

NX35 is coming up – really fast!  It starts on Thursday!  If you haven’t yet, check out my picks for that as well; Thursday and Friday are here and Saturday and Sunday of the conferette are hereOn Monday (yes, this Monday!), I’ll be having a contest on Twitter and giving away a free 4-day wristband! Keep an eye out for that because it’s going to go quickly.

4 – Next Week’s Posts

This coming up week, I’ll be posting my picks for the unofficial music showcases and all the parties! Yay!  Plus, I’ll be updating you on the news of our special – where we’ll be, who we’ve booked so far, and what you can expect to see.  Yesterday, Sean and I sat down with Kevin Connor at ME-TV to talk Docubloggers, AGMG, and SXSW, so look for our spots on ME this week!

Have a great weekend!

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