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Live blogging the Grammys

January 31, 2010

Are you ready for the biggest night in [questionable] music?  It’s Sunday and it’s too cold to leave the house, so I am!  I’ll be live-blogging all the exciting action right here, starting in about 30 minutes.  So get your shot glasses ready and join me for the fun!

10:32: All right, that’s all she wrote!  Thanks for hanging out…goodnight folks!

Check back in tomorrow for the events of the week and if you’re not following me on Twitter, do that!

10:28: Taylor Swift.  Album of the year, for real??  She’s going to win an Oscar too for all her precocious acceptance speech performances.

10:18: Glad to see the airhorn making its long-awaited musical debut.

10:15: I see London, I see France…

10:13: Is he doing that voice to be cool?

10:12: Quentin Tarantino is a world-class creep.  Anyone see his Conan appearance?

10:08: Note to self: I didn’t sign up for lateness.

10:03: Oh, right, the Jeff Bridges thing!

10:01: Wait, is it over?

9:58: Confession: I haven’t paid attention to this Maxwell performance at all.  And I’m not about to start now.

9:54: LL Cool J has to ask for applause.

9:47: I won’t lie; Beyonce’s performance of “Halo” for the Haiti benefit was amazing.

9:45: Dave Matthews cops some stage moves from Taylor Hicks.

9:41: Of course Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah” song gets Grammy air time.

9:36: This guy is incredibly dull.  I blame him for the dullness of this update.

9:30: This version is extra robust.

9:27: I hope this isn’t insensitive, but I just can’t listen to “Bridge over Troubled Water” ever again.  Not even in Italian.

9:17: Do Placido and Mos have a sordid past?

9:14: Who did Bon Jovi kill to get so much air time?  Music has fallen and it can’t get up.

9:10: I call shenanigans on Bon Jovi!  We didn’t vote on them getting to play “Adult Contemporary BS”.

9:05: Am secretly glad there’s less than an hour left of this.  Grammys!  <fist pump>

9:02: Those kids are cute.

8:59: To their credit, this is the least musically offensive number so far and everyone is on key.

8:57: This is an “interesting” array of artists tributing Michael Jackson.

8:50: In what universe do Taylor’s and Stevie Nicks’ voices and overall philosophies fit together??

8:47: Because I’m over 12 and have been in adult-love, I can’t stand Taylor Swift.  Sorry peeps.  Do.  Not.  Get.

8:45: Oh right, Ryan Seacrest is in the music industry.

8:38: I’ve got nothing.

8:33: U2’s snubbing is official.  Green Day takes Best Rock Album.

8:24: Silly me.  Jamie Foxx and T-Pain are simply preparing music for our Battlestar Galactica robot-enslaved future.

8:22: Oh, we’re supposed to believe Jamie Foxx is singing in this?

8:19: KoL win Record of the Year.  Caleb talks about being drunk.

8:07: Little known fact: This Lady Antebellum song was originally written in 1994. Music and all.

7:59: This would be so incredible if it was taking place at Sea World.

7:55: Little known fact: Miley Cyrus is 67 years old.  And I’ve recently come to the conclusion that it’s impossible not to be snarky while watching the Grammys.  Black Eyed Peas…..

7:46: “I want to be a member of Cirque!”  Rock star demands.

7:44: Pink is twirling and singing!  I hope she wasn’t playing my drinking game…

7:39: Realize that I forgot to establish a drinking game.  How about a shot everytime I’m unnecessarily snarky?

7:32: I’m speechless.  And can’t decide if B covering “You Outta Know” was great or just weird.

7:30: And now, Oversinging 101 with Beyonce.

7:27: Taylor Swift needs a sandwich.  And to stop acting so surprised that she keeps winning stuff.

7:21: Watched and hated the Coldplay script on the Simpsons.  Why did they air the absolute worst takes and lines?

7:18: I wonder if I’m the only one that hates this.  Not a fan of Glee….so…

7:14: Green Day and the cast of their broadway musical are up.

7:11: I change it to The Simpsons and wait until the next musical performance.

7:07: Thank you Robot Elton John!

7:04: I’m officially scared.  But I can’t figure out if it’s because of Gaga or Elton John.

7:02: If this was a Lady Gaga impersonator, would anyone actually know?

7:01: It begins. And Lady Gaga takes the cake for weirdness right off the bat.

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