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Today’s Musings: Favorite Blog Moments of 2009, Part 2

December 30, 2009

Happy New Year’s Eve-Eve!  This is it, my final post of 2009.  And what better way to end the year than reliving my favorite AGMG post of the year!  This one also comes from the summer months, June 26th, 2009 to be exact.  For some people, that might be a clue as to which entertainer the post might discuss…

My favorite blog of 2009 is my entry discussing Michael Jackson’s passing.  I chose this post pretty quickly because it’s one of the few times I’ve been inspired to relate a very personal story, one that seemed way too pertinent to leave out.  Writing it also really made me think about how hugely impactful his stardom really was.  Hearing the news that Jackson had died was completely shocking, and like so many sudden events, his death will inevitably be one of those moments of shared consciousness…hundreds of thousands of people will always remember where they were when they first heard about it.

The positive that came out of the aftermath was a rediscovery of Jackson’s music and an even greater appreciation for his musical and dance influence.  New generations of fans like my 9 year old sister are now obsessed, seeking out merchandise, music, and videos first created decades ago.  The sadness and curiosity of lost opportunity gone when he died just days before a series of concerts in London is balanced by the footage that we have now seen of This Is It…a legendary performer dedicated to reviving his image as the biggest and best pop star on Earth.  His legacy as a music superstar is now unquestionable.

So before I end up writing another full length blog about it, here it is, the intro to my entry about Michael Jackson’s death.  Click on the link at the bottom to read the whole post.  Happy New Year’s all!!

Today’s Musing: The Passing of Michael Jackson

When I was about 8 years old, in the late ’80s, I had a bad-ass stereo set up in my bedroom, as a result of my dad having way too many giant speakers for our house.  Every night one summer, I’d listen to the radio for hours, hearing the same songs over and over again…as you do if you listen to the radio.  One particular night, I decided I was going to write a list of the songs that I was hearing, along with the artist.  I started out well; I had my colorful pen, and my even more colorful paper (I was into teal in a big way) and I sat diligently on my bed and turned on my stereo.  As the music started to play, I was thrilled that I recognized the first song and listed it.

Number one was a Michael Jackson track.  I sat patiently and listened for the next song.   Hmm, it too sounded like Michael Jackson.  I tentatively wrote down the information.  By the time several more songs rolled around and I’d attributed over half of them to Michael Jackson, I quickly realized that I had no idea what I was doing, thus wrapping up my days as a music guide until much, much later.  But one thing stands out to me about that story of my youth.  At the age of 8 years old, Michael Jackson was really the only artist that I knew of, period (this slightly preceding my New Kids on the Block phase).

Today’s Musing: The Passing of Michael Jackson continued here

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