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Today’s Musings: A Peek at Gogol Bordello

November 2, 2009

The Gogol Bordello show last night at Stubb’s was probably the rowdiest show I’ve ever been to…ever.  There was moshing, thrashing, crowd-surfing, and elbows all over the place.  It was, perhaps not coincidentally, also one of the absolute best and most fun shows I’ve ever seen.  A full review, plus HD Flip video coming up later, but for now, here’s a preview of the madness…a piece of “Tribal Connection” which they played about 2-3 songs into the show.  At the end, you’ll see me get jostled and the video cuts off, and it’s because two enormous guys were carrying a smaller guy (who was completely passed out and possibly bloody) out of the crowd.  Yeah, and there was another hour and a half to go after that!  Enjoy and check back soon for the full disclosure!

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  1. ladygarfunkel permalink
    November 2, 2009 3:21 pm

    It was a great show, but it wasn’t the most intense GB show I’ve been to. When they played Blacksburg VA, there was no security at all. I was up against the stage grabbing Eugene’s ankles. Wild!

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