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Austin Event Preview: ACL’s Saturday, October 3rd Schedule

September 26, 2009

As promised, the ACL preview continues with my picks for bands to see on Saturday.  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see Sunday’s line-up!

2:00 pm


Dance-worthy mash-up tunes by a band whose name can’t be pronounced.  Now, that’s ACL!

3:00 pm

Grizzly Bear

If you missed my review of Grizzly Bear’s latest, read it here and check out this sure-to-be interesting show.

4:45 pm

Federico Aubele

This show offers a refreshing break between indie bands with breezy genre-blending Latin sounds.

The rest of the day, after the jump!

5:30 pm


You probably won’t want to miss the eccentric reggae DJ legend.

6:00 pm

Mos Def

7:00 pm


Intense gypsy band Devotchka is one of the most interesting to play on Saturday.

8:00 pm

Ghostland Observatory

The live music pros and Austin faves were pitted against Dave Matthews in the lineup.  The bottom line, if you want an insanely exciting show to end your night, check out Ghostland (and read my review of their latest album here!).

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