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Today’s Musings: Monsters of Folk

September 23, 2009

New super-group Monsters of Folk, otherwise known as Jim James from My Morning Jacket, Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes, and M. Ward, performed last night on The Tonight Show with Conan.  I like all three of these artists quite a lot, so of course I was interested to hear what they’d sound like as a group.  With inevitable comparisons to the Traveling Wilburys, the Monsters of Folk had the legacy of that excellent super-group to follow.  They all got up there looking sharp, but when the song actually begins, I’m unfortunately left perplexed.  James, Oberst, and Ward all took singing duties, and if you know from reading my blog, each of them have very distinct and unique vocal stylings.  When one started singing, it sounded like their own song; then they’d switch off for each verse, making it altogether disjointed.  I couldn’t help thinking it would have been much better if only one of them had sung the verses instead, and keep the singing together only in the chorus.  Their voices did mesh surprisingly well, but in my opinion, the absolute best part of the song was Mike Mogis’ ripping guitar solo.  So that brings to me to the first ever AGMG poll!  What did you think of the performance?  Vote below!

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  1. September 23, 2009 11:48 am

    Yeah, they’re voices didn’t seem to mesh well in parts. It is, however, pretty interesting that three completely unique vocals can blend together as well as they did on the choruses. I’ll give their album a chance, but only because I love all three artists’ work so much, not because of this performance!

  2. J Rod permalink
    September 23, 2009 7:29 pm

    I voted eh, but if there was an option for “eh and a half,” I think that’s what I would have gone with. Intriguing.

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