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Concert Review (Sort of): Coldplay in 10

August 25, 2009

Ever wonder what it’s like to be at a Coldplay show?  Or perhaps to be closer than 60,000 people away?  Well, wait no more!  This is it…the Austin Girl Music Guide’s long-awaited video recap of Coldplay’s two shows in Dallas and Houston.  I alluded to the fact that we’d be putting something together when I first posted videos (and yes, that was over a month ago).  The final product, Coldplay in 10, is a fun summary of the best parts of the two shows, captured from two different angles, and edited together for your enjoyment.

Mad props to Seanningham for taking what we had to work with (we weren’t out for professional quality those evenings, we were just having a great time), following my at times vague instructions, creating something entertaining, and capturing the true essence of the shows.  If you haven’t yet checked out my written review of the shows, click here.

If this video is a success (meaning people like it enough), I hope to do this sort of thing for other artists when circumstances allow in the future.  Subscribe to my You Tube channel at and be the first to know when I’ve posted videos that I don’t post here!  For example, you Coldplay fans would know that I posted several full length song videos – including the edited together, full-length versions of the songs heard in Coldplay in 10 – two full weeks ago.

Enjoy all!

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