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Austin Events: August 10 – 13

August 10, 2009

Tuesday, August 11th

Our Lady Peace, Electric Touch

If you’re yearning for a ’90s throwback, check out the Canadian modern rockers at Antone’s at 9 pm tomorrow.  Tickets $20-$35 and you can get them here.  Pay $35 and get an autographed copy of their latest album, Burn Burn!

Wednesday, August 12th

G Dub Funk, Ransom Jack, Radio Fallout, Firewater Prophets

Get nuts with it at the Red Eyed Fly on Wednesday at 9 pm.

Thursday, August 13th

Soul Rebels Brass Band

I love the description from their website so I’m going to post part of it here:  Imagine blending the sounds of Mardi Gras funk, soft rock, and reggae so seemingly it defies category.  Now shrink that idea into a seven-piece ensemble, add a hip hop sensibility plus a hundred years of New Orleans jazz tradition, and youll get the Louisiana sound known as the Soul Rebels.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?  They’re playing Thursday at 10 pm at the Continental Club.  Tickets only $7.

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