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What I’m listening to this week: The Knux

June 21, 2009

Remind Me In 3 Days – 2008

The Knux are a fairly new rap duo comprised of two siblings, Krispy Kream (one of the best rap names ever) and Rah Al Millio. Remind Me In 3 Days is their freshman album, one that blatantly touts the pure oddness of The Knux.  There are many throwback musical elements, as if one of the brothers found a bunch of old Casio keyboards from the ’90s and tried out every random function, plus a truly eclectic rapping style that recalls Outkast, only not quite as dynamic, but with the same refreshing qualities.

Remind Me… is a completely mixed bag and the album is definitely weighted toward the front.  The Outkast influence is most apparent on the first two tracks, “The List” and “F!re (Put It In The Air)”.  Krispy and Rah don’t have the smooth, sharply worded flow of Andre Benjamin or the heavy power of Big Boi, but the music in both songs is uniquely produced; electric guitars, pronounced drum beats, and electronic noises atypical of most rap.

The best songs on the album are “Cappuccino”, a fresh and funny, refrain heavy track that found its way onto an episode of Entourage, and “Bang! Bang!” which is propelled by duet vocals and features hands-down the best rapping on the album and some of the best lyrics.  “The Train” is fast-paced and keyboard driven, “Shine Again” is a moody, more serious turn, and “Life In A Cage” is great mostly because of the fun musical sample and freewheeling rapping style.

There are a couple of tracks which are worth listening to even if they fall a little flat.  “The True” is funky while the lyrics don’t exactly shine, and the closing track “Lights Camera Action” is probably too chorus heavy, but the production is excellent.  Despite all of these positive elements, there are a few borderline offensive songs on Remind Me In 3 Days as well which detract from the album as a whole.  “Parking Lot”, “Hush”, and “Playboys” are skippable in my opinion because of the totally unnecessary gross treatment of women.

Remind Me In 3 Days is a nice addition to the alternative rap scene.  The Knux show enormous potential on this album.  Their biggest challenge remains achieving balance between their already impressive musical elements and strengthening the capacity of their rapping and songwriting.  Considering how fast The Knux came out of the gate, that is not likely to be an issue on future albums.

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