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What I’m listening to this week: The Go! Team

April 13, 2009
Thunder, Lightning, Strike – 2004
It’s always fun to start off a Monday morning with an upbeat and exciting album to prepare yourself for the drudgery ahead, and it doesn’t get much more upbeat then the electro-madness of The Go! Team. Thunder, Lightning, Strike plays out like a TV soundtrack from the early 80s. If you live in Austin, watch the Retro Television Network and when the A-Team comes on, you’ll probably hear songs shockingly similar to “Panther Dash” or “Junior Kickstart”. In fact, the latter is so reminiscent of a television theme song, you’ll swear you’ve heard it somewhere before. It’d be easy to take that skill for granted. “Huddle Formation” is a raucous anthem like “Hey Mickey”, only on steroids and even then, it’s more daring. No offense to Toni Basil or Basil-ites, but the fascinating thing about The Go! Team is that they amp up seemingly dated rhythms and melodies into bubbly modern party tunes. Thunder, Lightning, Strike is a cacophony of beats, horns, synths, and tape hisses that zips by in under 40 minutes but impressively, each song still manages to conjure up different Knight Rider montage visuals. Plus, the driving beats and riffs really get stuck in your head, so you can walk down the street pretending to be B.A. Baracus amidst a soundtrack-induced rescue mission…if you so desire. And you know you do.
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