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How the Blog Works

April 10, 2009

So, I’m a crazy planner and blogging is no exception. If you’re going to do something, do it right! Here’s an outline of my plan for this blog.


What I’m listening to this week
Each week I will review up to 6 albums. Again, my reviews aren’t going to be typical and I’m not going to be analyzing lyrics either. I’m going to give the broad perspective of my opinion, talk about the artist, and probably at least a few of the songs. Each day I’ll have a What I’m listening to this week entry discussing the albums.

Winner of the week
At the week’s end, I’ll name my favorite album of the week and why.


Concert Reviews
If I go to a concert or festival I’ll review the shows I see and try to post the setlist.

Today’s Musings
Because it seems to go with the territory, I’ll have random posts if I think of something interesting that isn’t specifically album related. I might discuss certain artists, types of music, or whatever else I’m sure the world would want to read.

That is the plan, and I’m ready to go. It begins next week! Stay tuned!

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